Speed is the essence of war.

Sun Tzu

PNT is the essence of speed.





Trustworthy PNT Partner

Trustworthy PNT Partner

At NovAtel, we are experienced NAVWAR professionals protecting military forces on land, at sea and in the air around the world. We provide proven, mission ready NAVWAR technology to ensure Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) to defend your people right now. For over 25 years, US, Canadian and other Allied partners have trusted our robust supply chain, deep expertise, and high levels of commitment to service. Assured Positioning – anywhere.


All three aspects of Navigation Warfare are addressed by NovAtel Global Satellite Navigation Satellite (GNSS) Technology


Preservation of position and time capability in the face of interference and jamming. Electronic protection capabilities are mostly additive, so these measures may be used together.

Situation Awareness

Detecting, characterizing and locating jammers and interference. NovAtel offers proprietary techniques to detect and characterize interference. With multiple receivers, jammers can be geo-located.


Denial of adversarial use of position and time capability. Practice with NovAtel’s NAVWAR electronic attack trainer.

GAJT (GPS Anti-Jam Technology) Antenna

GAJT® (GPS Anti-Jam Technology) Antenna

Anti-jam technology that can be easily installed on new platforms or existing and legacy fleets, so it can immediately be protecting position, navigation and timing on land, sea and in the air.


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SPAN GNSS Inertial Navigation Systems

SPAN® GNSS Inertial Navigation Systems

SPAN tightly couples NovAtel’s GNSS receivers with Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) for reliable, continuously available position, navigation and timing—even during periods of satellite signal unavailability. The SPAN Land Profile provides assured position by dead reckoning over lengthy satellite signal outages.

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SAASM Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module Receivers

SAASM Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module Receivers

Combining dual-frequency, RTK centimetre-level algorithms with an L3 XFACTOR SAASM receiver on a single compact board provides the highest level of anti-spoofing performance with RTK accuracy.

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Interference Toolkit (ITK)

Interference Toolkit (ITK)

Software applied advanced signal processing and digital filters built into NovAtel GNSS receiver boards enable monitoring, identifying and mitigating hostile GNSS interference.

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