Introducing firmware 7.200 for NovAtel's next generation OEM7 receivers.

Featuring exciting new functionality, the 7.200 firmware is available for the OEM719, OEM729 and OEM7700 cards.


New Features on 7.200

Explore the new features available in 7.200 on our OEM7 receivers.

Interference Toolkit

Easily detect and protect yourself from RF interference.

TerraStar-L service

A new 40 cm Precise Point Positioning (PPP) correction service.


Defend against interrupted RTK corrections.


Interference Toolkit only on OEM7

With the ability to auto detect in-band interference, Interference Toolkit allows users to visually represent RF spectrum levels using NovAtel CONNECT 2.0™. OEM7 Receivers also provide the option to manually mitigate the detected interference.

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TerraStar-L service

NovAtel OEM7 receivers now support TerraStar-L, a new 40 cm Precise Point Positioning (PPP) correction service for broad accuracy applications including agriculture, construction, and GIS. TerraStar-L is a subscription based correction service that is delivered globally via satellites. As with TerraStar-C, the TerraStar-L correction service delivery is exceptionally reliable with industry leading TerraStar network infrastructure consisting of global reference stations, and fully redundant control centers.

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NovAtel’s RTK ASSIST enables users to maintain RTK-level accuracy during correction outages or disruptions. RTK ASSIST uses multiple Geostationary satellites for its corrections delivery and is available globally. To use RTK ASSIST, the NovAtel receiver must be capable of RTK positioning and L-Band tracking. In addition, the receiver must have an active RTK ASSIST subscription.

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New Land Profile for INS

Provides performance benefits for land vehicles including: dead reckoning capabilities for extended loss of GPS signals, robust alignment routines, and improved attitude performance.

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NovAtel CONNECT 2.0™ and Convert 2.0

Our newly designed NovAtel Connect 2.0™ is compatible with Windows 10 and provides a convenient GUI to view and log receiver data. Used in conjunction with the Interference Toolkit, it provides a visual tool to view the RF spectrum and any interference that is present.

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Upgrading to the latest 7.200 SW has never been easier. Simply download, and load onto the receiver. No new authorization codes needed.

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